About me

Hi, I’m Salsabil El-awaisi founder of SE Interiors and a mummy to my beautiful boy Adam and girl Lena.

Interior design has always been something I love to do, Ever since I could remember I would regularly rearrange my bedroom and make my own accessories to change the theme of the room. which led me later to continue Interior design at University.

I am passionate about creating spaces with personal meaning and it’s partly thanks to my approach to style and culture. Born in Hebron and raised in Scotland, I grew up balancing the feeling of having two identities. As a result, I am very enthusiastic about innovative design & creating spaces which represent you and tell your story. This approach sets me apart today – Scotland has a very distinct interior design style and I am here to bring something new to the table. This is best showcased in my work with period properties, where I bring a new and fresh touch, whilst never compromising on its own existing, quirky character.

I find inspiration in anything and everything around me. With every project, I seek new concepts, new techniques, and new materials to perfectly complement that one client and that one space.